Building construction and interior design by Haid & Falkner. Behind every successful project is our highly dedicated team.


Since 2007, our architecture and design office in Längenfeld in Tirol, Austria, has been devising creative solutions for new construction, extension, reconstruction and renovation projects for hotels, spa facilities, campgrounds, business buildings, public facilities and retail stores.

Our work is marked by proven expertise and inspired by international architecture. Benefit from our partnership with experts from the Fachwerk45 architecture office and Falkner Real Estate Consulting. Take advantage of our innovative Virtual Design Studio, our specialization in hotel architecture and interior design as well as our extensive experience in pool design.

Your Haid & Falkner team

Thomas Falkner - Thomas Falkner - Managing Partner of Haid & Falkner - Design' Architektur of Haid & Falkner - Design' Architektur

Thomas Falkner

Managing Partner

Design encompasses a multitude of aspects. It is much more than just the external shape and color of an object. A designer is concerned both with the function of an object and its interaction with the user. Thomas has a special feeling for design as well as for his clients. In the planning process he also incorporates the function, usability and life span of an object to achieve an optimal result.

Responsibilities: Design, concept, project development, project management, client consulting, architecture, Managing Partner
Phone: +43 (0) 52 53 64 833 22

BM Ing. Lukas Haid - Geschäftsführer von Haid & Falkner - Design' Architektur

BM Ing. Lukas Haid

Managing Partner

Architecture literally translates into “the art of building”. Lukas passionately pursues this art with his private as well as his hotel and restaurant clients, expertly supporting them with his profound knowledge and his love for architecture. Managing the planning as well as the construction phase, Lukas always integrates all design and functional aspects as well as any technical and financial requirements.

Responsibilities: Construction management, project management, tenders, planning, architecture, Managing Partner
Phone: +43 (0) 52 53 64 833 21

Matthias Falkner - Haid & Falkner - Design' Architektur

Matthias Falkner

Successful architecture unites functionality and style, creating a harmonious result. Matthias is your partner for visualizing your project in the planning phase so you can literally get a picture of your prospective rooms and buildings. As a planning expert, Matthias has an interdisciplinary approach and supports our entire team with his extensive expertise.

Responsibilities: Virtual Reality & 3D planning, project development, project management, construction management, planning, tenders, wood construction
Phone: +43 (0) 52 53 43 187 32

Caroline Santer Haid & Falkner - Design' Architektur

Caroline Santer

Architecture is a broad field that comprises many areas of specialization. Caroline is a construction draftsman and an expert on Austrian building codes. She is highly efficient in her work and efficiently masters programs like Revit and Adobe. Caroline thrives on seeing her construction plans put to life at the end of a successful project.

Responsibilities: Building construction planning, tenders, project management
Phone: +43 (0) 52 53 64 833 25

Lilli Timmes Haid & Falkner - Design' Architektur

Ing. Lilli Timmes

Interior design always integrates people and their needs. With a construction degree from a technical high school (HTL Imst) and a degree in Interior Design Consulting from the Interior Design School in Kuchl, Lilli is perfectly trained to do just that. She is an expert for light and room installations and interior design. Lilli is very creative and skillfully visualizes designs and styling elements with Revit, Adobe Photoshop and other programs.

Responsibilities: Interior design, tenders, construction management for interior works
Phone: +43 (0) 52 53 64 833 23

Renate Schöpf - Haid & Falkner - Design' Architektur

Renate Schöpf

You can always rely on Renate's loyalty, big-picture focus, perfect time management and independent work style. Renate is in charge of a wide range of tasks including accounting as well as project support for the respective planners.

Responsibilities: Assistance to the management, accounting, finances
Phone: +43 (0) 52 53 64 833 27

Natalie Frank Haid & Falkner - Design' Architektur

Natalie Frank

Our “sunshine” Natalie skillfully handles clients, superiors and colleagues. She has completed her apprenticeship as an office manager with honors. As an assistant to our executives and our project managers, she effectively utilizes her extensive skills and organizational talent.

Responsibilities: Back office, project support for executives and project managers
Phone: +43 (0) 52 53 64 833 20

Helene Falkner Haid & Falkner - Design' Architektur

Helene Falkner

Helene completes the Haid & Falkner portfolio with her real estate expertise based on a solid education in this field. Helene is a certified Austrian real estate trustee.

Responsibilities: Real estate management, project development, real estate agent and developer
Phone: +43 (0) 664 96 92 857