We have the experience and expertise to assist you throughout the entire planning and construction process. Our well-attuned team strives to provide a professional and trouble-free service from project conception to construction supervision to interior design.

Project developmentPrinciple studies, feasibility studies, estimate of costs, developer's consultation, assistance in arranging financing.
PlanningPreliminary design, draft, submissions, implementation planning and detailed planning, site foreman's planning, as-built map compilation, fire prevention plans, visualizations, building services engineering.


TenderDetailed estimate (including spa, bar and commercial kitchen), agreement journals, placing protocols, cost control, accounts, control liability insurance contractors, bank guarantee and warranty.
Construction management and project managementDemand analysis, concept, agenda and coordination.


General planningFrom the project idea to planning the opening.
Construction supervisionLocal supervision, quality control, schedule coordination, cost control, auditing of accounts.


Administrative formalitiesFire prevention and escape route concept, sanitarian hygiene, industrial safety, energy performance certificate, public authorizations, completion information, final inspection.
Interior designCapacity idea, interior design, light design, colour and material schemes (staging).


PropertyDeveloper, agent, administrator, property valuation, property design.
MentoringRequests hotel categorization, support sponsorship request, living without barriers, energy, timber construction.


FiduciaryWe manage projects on a fiduciary basis on behalf of the developer. The purchase of services/trades takes place directly between the developer and the service provider. By eliminating intermediaries and commission recipients, we achieve quality at prices that are equal to the construction costs.
MarketingConcept mentoring.